The Problem

Marvel App wanted to provide the ability for users to leave feedback and collaborate on entire, or specific parts of prototype designs.

Currently, it lacks fully developed collaborative features and ease of use for these features.

How might we make a rapid prototyping tool into a collaborative tool for teams?

The Original

The original Marvel App website did not feature live collaboration, real-time chat messaging or real-time notifications.

The lack of real-time feedback or communication made it difficult for users to use Marvel as a collaboration tool.

The Solution

  • Users should be able to see the cursors of collaborators move in real time
  • Autosave should always be available and easily visible
  • Notifications and comments should be immediately visible
  • This is so that a client or anyone who receives a shared link will be able to make annotations easily and be able to leave feedback on the project

The Process

Competitive Analysis

Based on the competitive analysis we were able to identify weaknesses and threats to Marvel.


  • No real live collaboration
  • Average overall feedback/team workspace


  • Competitors moving towards similar trends; potential loss of customers to the competition


88% of respondents got feedback for their prototypes from team members in person

This creates a huge opportunity to create a means for designers to obtain feedback inside Marvel, something many competitors don’t do

Contextual Inquiry

We found that it took all users who participated 2+ minutes to find collaborative features (chat, annotations, which team members were active)

Affinity Mapping

What Respondents Expected

We Interviewed Marvel App’s main target audience of designers.

In order to create an affinity map, we asked respondents what they valued most in rapid prototyping software:

  • Their most desired features for rapid prototyping software in general
  • Which software they used most
  • How they share their designs
  • Which features they wanted most on their current app of choice
  • The biggest problems with their current tools
  • Their favourite features of their current tools

We quickly noticed that most respondents mentioned “ease of use”, collaboration and live updates as their most sought after feature in rapid prototyping software.

We conducted contextual analysis and found that most users took over 2+ minutes to find Marvel’s most important features (comment, add annotations, collaborate with others).

In light of these insights, we began to sketch and iterate on fixes for these issues.



Iterating on the chat feature

MarvelApp Presentation.png
MarvelApp Presentation (1).png
MarvelApp Presentation (2).png

A/B Testing

MarvelApp Presentation (3)-1.png
MarvelApp Presentation (3).png
MarvelApp Presentation (4).png


We found that with our implemented changes, users were able to find and use major collaborative features (live chat, annotations, group edit mode) within 15 seconds or less (down from 2+ minutes)

Next Steps

  • Audio annotations that may be left as recordings on the project screen
  • A dark mode option alongside the existing theme of the branding
  • Move the features created into the mobile version

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