When I'm not designing and coding, I love giving design and accessibility related talks.

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Recent Talks:

October 2020

How to begin designing for cognitive disabilities
@ Accessibility Toronto Conference

Summary: Cognitive disabilities are the most common kind of disability, yet it’s a disability that is not often discussed when it comes to web accessibility. 

WCAG guidelines that address considerations for cognitive disabilities are still being developed, and not very specific. 

In this talk, we’ll discuss concrete steps we can take towards making the web more accessible for people with a range of cognitive disabilities.

Video Link: Coming Soon!

September 2020

Accessibility Testing: The Manual Parts
@ Agile Testing Days US

Summary: Automated tests will reliably catch an estimated 30% of accessibility issues, but what about the other 70%? What are they, and how can testers ensure that they are accessible for users? We'll discuss when to opt for manual testing and how it can be helpful for catching accessibility issues that automated solutions may not be able to pick up, but are important for users with disabilities.

Watch my presentation on youtube >

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